NEUVOGEN Appoints Dr. Christian Ottensmeier Head of Scientific Advisory Board

NEUVOGEN Appoints Dr. Christian Ottensmeier Head of Scientific Advisory Board

San Diego CA/January 25, 2021:  NEUVOGEN, an immunoncology company, is pleased to appoint Christian Ottensmeier MD, PhD, FRCP Head of the Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”).

NEUVOGEN’s technology platform differs from other immune priming technologies developed for solid tumors by virtue of its unprecedented breadth accompanied by an impressive adjuvant strategy” said Dr. Christian Ottensmeier, Head of the NEUVOGEN Scientific Advisory Board.  “Even if only a fraction of the targets primed by their vaccine are translated into primed T cells, the vaccine breadth will still exceed what is possible with other modalities.”

Ottensmeier continued, “NEUVOGEN’s preclinical data demonstrates (in vitro) that their proprietary adjuvant strategy is able to prime against self-proteins preferentially expressed by tumors, opening the possibility that the vaccine may overcome peripheral tolerance. Furthermore, NEUVOGEN’s preclinical demonstration can translate into clinical results based on their in vitro data which includes a favorable direct comparison to an allogeneic whole cell vaccine that showed efficacy in a segment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients.”

Christian Ottensmeier MD, PhD, FRCP is Professor of Immuno-Oncology, University of Liverpool School of Medicine, Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology, The Clatterbridge Cancer Center NHS Foundation Trust. Dr. Ottensmeier also currently serves as Adjunct Professor at La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Dr. Ottensmeier’s core academic interest links to his clinical practice: to understand and modulate adaptive immune responses in patients. His laboratory studies inform how best to induce tumor-antigen specific immunity through vaccination and how to overcome immune suppressive features of the tumor microenvironment. As a result, his research focuses on three areas of investigation: (1) the study of antigen-specific immune responses in patients, (2) assay development and validation, and (3) adaptive immune responses to tumor antigens.

Other members of the NEUVOGEN SAB are:

David Reardon, MD is Clinical Director of the Center of Neuro-Oncology, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and is Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School. He previously served as President of the Society for Neuro-Oncology. Dr. Reardon is an active researcher with special interests in the design and implementation of clinical trials for neuro-oncology and the preclinical evaluation of promising therapeutics for central nervous system tumors. His work includes using innovative clinical therapeutic agents to improve outcomes for patients with brain and spinal tumors, with particular focus on immuno-therapeutics.

Dr. Abul Abbas, MBBS is Distinguished Professor and Chair Emeritus of the Department of Pathology, University of California San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Abbas’ research interests are in immunology, with a focus on the control of immune responses and the causes of autoimmunity. His laboratory has used experimental models to analyze the generation and maintenance of regulatory T cells. Dr. Abbas has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and invited reviews and is the author or Senior Editor of multiple widely-read textbooks of Immunology and Pathology.

Hideho Okada, MD, PhD isDirector and Principal Investigator of Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Center, at UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and is Professor of Neurological Surgery at UCSF. He also serves as a Parker Institute of Cancer Immunotherapy Investigator. As a physician–scientist, Dr. Okada has been dedicated to brain tumor immunology and the development of effective immunotherapy for brain tumor patients for over 20 years.

Adil Daud, MD isProfessor of Medicine and Dermatologyat UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and serves as Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology Division, UCSF. He also is a Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Investigator. Dr. Daud is an expert in immunotherapy and has pioneered the development of novel immunotherapeutics and targeted therapies.

Lyudmila A. Bazhenova, MD is Professor of Clinical Medicine, Lung Cancer Unit Leader at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. Dr. Bazhenova’s clinical practice and research concentrate on lung cancer. Dr. Bazhenova has vast experience in clinical trial management, design and implementation.  She serves a vice chair of UC San Diego Protocol Review and Monitoring committee.

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NEUVOGEN, Inc. is an immunoncology company focused on whole cell cancer vaccine therapies. NEUVOGEN believes its cancer vaccines have the broadest combination of tumor associated antigens and tumor specific antigens ever delivered in a cancer vaccine and as a result can directly target a greater percentage of cancer cells in a solid tumor than any previous cancer vaccine.  Based in San Diego, California, NEUVOGEN’s goal is to develop therapeutic cancer vaccines that activate the body’s immune system to eradicate solid tumors and meaningfully extend the lives of patients while limiting side effects. To learn more, visit

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