NEUVOGEN Appoints Cellular Immune Therapy Expert, Dr. Jack Bui to its Scientific Advisory Board

NEUVOGEN Appoints Cellular Immune Therapy Expert, Dr. Jack Bui to its Scientific Advisory Board

San Diego CA/August 30, 2021:  NEUVOGEN, an immunoncology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jack Bui to its Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”) effective August 30, 2021.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jack Bui to NEUVOGEN’s Scientific Advisory Board” said Todd Binder, Chief Executive Officer of NEUVOGEN. “As a highly accomplished clinical pathologist and immune monitoring expert, Dr. Bui will help guide the design and execution of the translational data generation aspects of NEUVOGEN’s clinical studies. He is uniquely qualified to help us use immunological clinical data to demonstrate the ability of NEUVOGEN’s cancer vaccines’ industry leading targeting breadth to help prevent immune escape by solid tumors.

Jack Bui, MD, PhD is Director of University of California, San Diego Stem Cell Processing Laboratory and Flow Cytometry and Immunology Laboratory, and interfaces between the cancer research and immunology programs.  Dr. Bui also serves as an associate professor in the Department of Pathology, at UC San Diego’s Moore Cancer Center.  He is a board-certified clinical pathologist with expertise in tumor immunology and immune function tests.  Much of his laboratory research has focused on conducting studies on cells and tissues from biopsies and excisions to understand immune recognition of uninfected, stressed or damaged tissues, such as tumor cells and transplantable normal cells.  Dr. Bui received his PhD, focused on T cell memory, in the laboratory of Steve Hedrick at UCSD. He also received his MD at UCSD and completed postgraduate training at Washington University in St. Louis, as a postdoctoral fellow on innate immunity and cancer with Robert Schreiber studying how innate cells and T-regulatory cells influence tumor formation.

“I am delighted to join as a member of the NEUVOGEN’s Scientific Advisory Board, and to assist their scientific teams in advancing the clinical development of their novel cancer vaccine candidates in solid tumors.” Dr. Bui said. ” I look forward to helping to advance NEUVOGEN’s mission in serving patients with cancer and developing transformative therapies that meaningfully extend their lives.” 

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NEUVOGEN, Inc. is an immunoncology company focused on whole cell cancer vaccine therapies. NEUVOGEN believes its cancer vaccines have the broadest combination of tumor associated antigens and tumor specific antigens ever delivered in a cancer vaccine and as a result can directly target a greater percentage of cancer cells in a solid tumor than any previous cancer vaccine.  Based in San Diego, California, NEUVOGEN’s goal is to develop therapeutic cancer vaccines that activate the body’s immune system to eradicate solid tumors and meaningfully extend the lives of patients while limiting side effects. To learn more, visit

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